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Carla Resnick | Permaculture & Gardening | Teacher & Practitioner

Permaculture & Gardening | Teaching & Consultation

Compelling presentations from Carla Resnick are available on a variety of  topics, including Growing and Using Herbs; Fruit Tree Guilds – Using Plants and Animals to Benefit your Fruit Trees; Simple Rainwater Harvesting; and Creating a Food Forest. Come away from these presentations with information that you can immediately apply to your own situation.
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Permaculture offers a set of tools and design principles which offer practical solutions to problems. These principles can be applied for use on undeveloped land, in jails and prisons, on agricultural land, at apartment complexes, at assisted living facilities, when planning new housing or business developments, and in other commercial or residential settings. Using permaculture can help improving employee morale, reduce waste, help assess strengths and weaknesses in your business, home, farm, or community. Implementing these principles can save money, resources, and energy, help put food on your table and those of your friends, provide a greater understanding of the importance of using and understanding nature’s patterns for human benefit, and make our world a better place.

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Permaculture Practice
Carla Resnick is based in Northern California, at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley, and is an avid gardener of edible, useful, and decorative plants. Her growing climate is hot-summer Mediterranean. She is available to present material, on using Permaculture, throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Her garden is a place for experimentation using Permaculture principles and techniques, including observation, stacking functions, obtaining a yield, watching logs rot, and other earthly activities. She has experience in water harvesting, chickens, building apple tree guilds, berm and basin design and implementation, greywater systems, soil fertility restoration, corporate culture, and more. She works constantly on fine-tuning various techniques and principles in the garden, and in her community. Please visit the blog to read about Carla’s personal permaculture practice.

Permaculture Ethics
Care of the Earth, care of people, and dispersal of surplus harvest, time, money, and materials to these ends.

Permaculture Education
Graduate of Teacher Training 2011, Lots of Life in One Place Farm in Pojoaque, New Mexico, with Scott Pittman, Larry Santoyo & Arina Pittman. At the Permaculture Institute.
Graduate of Permaculture Design Certificate 2008, Seeds of Change Research Farm, El Guique, New Mexico with Scott Pittman, Arina Pittman, Toby Hemmenway, Les Crowder & Brad Lancaster. At the Permaculture Institute.

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